How do I Wash/Care for my Blanket or other item?

All Blankets, Tag Blankets, Snuglies, etc. should be washed in Cold water on Gentle cycle. Fabric softener may be used if you wish. NEVER BLEACH!

If possible, Air or Hang to dry, otherwise, set your dryer to air fluff, or delicate.

This will keep your items Soft and Beautiful!
Can my item be shipped to the Gift Recipient ?

Yes, we will gladly ship your gift to whatever address you provide us!

This is a very convenient option, especially when you cannot make the Special occasion, or it is taking place out of state!

Just send us a message when placing you order, and provide the complete address that you would like for us to ship it to.
What age group are your Blankets appropriate for?

All of our Boutique Blankets are great for New Borns up to approximately 5 yrs. old.

Tag Blankets are wonderful for babies who are able to do “Tummy Time” as it helps keep their focus while looking at the fabric prints and colorful Tags, which enables them to keep their heads up and develop their neck muscles!

Tag Blankets are also great for little ones who are developing their Hand~Eye Coordination, and when you need to occupy your little one in the car!

Snuggies are great for any age from New Born to Toddler, and well, maybe a little bit older! What ever the age, these soft, silky, snugglies provide a sense of security and comfort!

Most of my Blankets have Prints and are great for “Tummy Time”! Just lay Baby on the printed side of the Blanket and there you go, lots of Color and Busy Designs to look at!

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